All About Activated Charcoal

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All About Activated Charcoal

What's the big deal with activated charcoal? Why does some toothpaste or brush heads have it? Why's it in some of the soaps we carry? Well we've got answers, even if you weren't asking it. But hey you're here so let's get started.

Activated charcoal isn't actually charcoal, but a form of carbon that's commonly used to filter out contaminants from water and air, but also has many other uses. It's "activated" in order to expand it's surface area. Just to give some perspective, a teaspoon of this stuff has more surface area than that of a football field. Crazy right?

In emergency rooms, it's commonly used to treat some poisoning, as the porous surface allows to bind to the toxins and and filter them out. That's also why it's used for air and water filtration.

So why the heck is it in toothpaste, soap, floss, brush heads, and skin care products? The fine powder acts as a mild abrasive combined with the unique absorption quality makes it a natural additive for these products. This helps with the whitening properties for some toothpastes, and the exfoliation and detoxing claims of soaps. 

We have select products that have activated charcoal to add to your collection so you too can reap the benefits of this beautiful black powder. 


Check out our products that have activated charcoal to add to your collection so you too can reap the benefits of this beautiful black powder. 


FLAME Shampoo + Body Wash
Originally formulated for firefighters to get out the smoky stench, this will do wonders to get you truly clean by removing all sizes of toxins. Live a cleaner life with this moisturizing and detoxifying combo.


PearlBar Charcoal Infused Dental Flossers
f you're not flossing, then is your mouth even clean? And if you are, does your floss have activated charcoal?! These little pickers are infused with the good stuff and is also an eco-friendly alternative to traditional floss because they are biodegradable. But wait, there's more...They're portable, and most importantly MINT flavored. Mmm..


Activated Charcoal Handmade Soap by Buck Ridge
This one is a best selling soap for a reason! When used in soap, it's a detox powerhouse! It deeply cleanses and clears your skin, unclogs pores, removes impurities and dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin, resulting in supple, delicate and smooth skin. Your lady will appreciate that last part. All natural ingredients, pick one up right now!


View the whole collection of activated charcoal products here!


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