Save the Environment...Use Eco-Friendly Products!

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Save the Environment...Use Eco-Friendly Products!

Ok, so you probably won't save the environment single-handedly by using eco-friendly products, but at least you can feel better about affecting the world we live in by the choices in the products you use. The little things add up, and if we make a conscious effort to do what we can with things we use everyday, then maybe we can make a dent? We offer various natural, bio-degradable products that can help Mother Nature out. 


Featured Products

PearlBar Sonic Bamboo Electric Toothbrush & 3 Brush Heads

PearlBar is on a mission to counter the over 5 million toothbrushes that end up in our landfills and oceans every year. These simply just don't break down, just like all plastics. We all know what kind of devastation this can cause to our ocean's health and it's marine life. These natural bamboo toothbrushes are bio-degradable so you can feel good about using it, while keeping that breath of yours as fresh AF. 



Charcoal Dental Floss in Glass Bottle

Those little plastic floss containers? Yeah those things are the same as the toothbrushes above. This charcoal dental floss comes in a glass container that you can reuse after you're done. Even better, the floss is coated with charcoal to help keep your pearly whites as clean as you're keeping the environment. I'm proud of you!



Natural Bamboo Toothbrush With Case

Ok, so you have your fancy new sonic toothbrush, but you don't want to travel with it. I wouldn't either. Luckily we offer this toothbrush perfect for traveling that comes in it's own very own, you guessed it, bamboo case! It's sustainable, and lightweight just like your impact on the environment. Keep it up, my friend!



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