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Bathing is an everyday part of life (for most of us) and many people don’t pay attention to what’s actually in the stuff that we use to get clean. We lather up without a second thought, but maybe it’s time we gave it a second look. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and because it’s porous, much of what you put on it gets absorbed into your body. The absorption rate goes even higher in areas such as your armpits and genitals. Knowing this, it’s important we look at the ingredients that we can find in the...

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What's the big deal with activated charcoal? Why does some toothpaste or brush heads have it? Why's it in some of the soaps we carry? Well we've got answers, even if you weren't asking it. 

Check out all the activated charcoal body care products we have to add to your collection!





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Ok, so you probably won't save the environment single-handedly by using eco-friendly products, but at least you can feel better about affecting the world we live in by the choices in the products you use. 

We offer various natural, bio-degradable products that can help Mother Nature out. 


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