4 Pc Stainless Steel Oral Care Tool Kit

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    Made of high strength stainless steel with antibacterial coating, polished to a mirror finish. This rust-free oral hygiene tool kit is strong and sharp enough to remove plaque and heavy tartar in or between your teeth without hurting your gums


    Designed in different angles which is perfect for different sides of your teeth, good for removing tartar, food debris and bacteria, freshening breath, whitening teeth, and observing some hard-to-see areas


    To improve security, all the tools are designed with anti-slip handles to increase friction and stability in operation


    Comes with a zippered on-the-go storage bag to keep your tools in perfect order and protect them from damage.


Time to Take Care of Your Teeth

Has there ever been a moment where you wanted to laugh or smile, but reconsidered because you didn't want to be embarrassed by your teeth? You don’t want to have a bunch of broken teeth which are unable to chew anything delicious or spend a lot of money on unnecessary dental appointments.

It’s time to take good care of your teeth and gum health.

This 4-piece oral care tools kit is as professional as what your dentist uses, and you can use them at home to save your time and money. Note, this is not a replacement for your dentist, but a better way to maintain in-between visits to prevent more visits than necessary. 

It’s great for cleaning where your tooth brush can’t reach and remove bacteria, bringing you fresh breath and a healthy smile. Let’s smile with confidence.

Anti-fog Mirror

Used to observe and target some hard-to-see areas behind teeth, it stays clear when breathing upon it.

Dual Head Dental Scaler & Dental Pick

Used as a toothpick to remove food residues deposit in between the teeth and detect the position of the decayed tooth.

Dual Head Tartar Remover

Designed in the same angle but different orientations, this tartar remover is perfect for you to work on heavy tartar in different sides of your teeth and save more energy.

Package included:

1*Anti-Fog Mirror
1*Tarter Scraper
1*Sickle Scaler
1*Dental Probe
1*Leather Case