Stainless Steel Classic Straight Razor (natural wood) by Maxon

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With Maxon Straight razor rediscover the pleasures of the old-fashioned manlier straight shave. A daily exercise that will separate you from the masses; an art of shaving which is not offered by regular safety or electric razors.

Maxon straight razor delivers cleanest option of shaving and styling your beard precisely. Straight Razor glides smoothly on your skin to trim each hair to the perfect length in a single, easy stroke while reducing razor burn and nicks.

Your new handcrafted razor is designed with comfort and stability in mind by provides the right griping angle to avoid discomfort and adds more control.

Maxon razors are made from high quality stainless steel, guaranteed to never rust or tarnish with use. You do not only get a good shave but also a good value for money.

Replaceable blade option is not only hygienic but also very convenient. You do not have to worry about stropping and honing your blade. It is virtually maintenance free, when the blade gets dull, just remove it, and insert a new one.

Ideal grooming tool for professionals as well as beginners, as it does not take long to master this manlier skill. It is also Ideal gift for your loved ones which will make them feel incredibly special.

We offer compact and chick Pu leader case with our razors. Perfect for wrapping it as gift or for storing it while traveling.


We packed our razor with DERBY 5 Double Edge blades one of the best blades in the market. These blades can be Split in Half and both sides can be used on average 2-3 times.